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Non standard home insurance is for any property that doesn't fit into the standard category, for example any non standard construction, or any history of subsidence or flooding.

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We offer specialist insurance within this sector and will provide cover even for those properties that have been difficult to insure elsewhere, BNF Insurance look at all and any types of risk.

As well as non standard properties we are also able to help clients whose properties are unoccupied much or all of the year, providing excellent and flexible cover at a great price.

We can also help in unique situations where there have been a previous history of multiple claims or even criminal convictions, so you can be confident in making us your broker of choice.

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If you have any questions to ask us about this, or any of our other insurances, we'd be delighted to help. Please don't hesitate to either give us a call on 0808 178 3155 or contact us via our contact page